Bathrooms are one of the most important locations of any household. Online Flatpacks have a plethora of bathroom storage ideas that will make your life a breeze!

Also being one of the smallest rooms in the house, you’ll need bathroom storage ideas that will help you keep everything conveniently in place.

There are so many fun and innovative bathroom storage ideas out there. It’s all about the little things – accessories and certain elements you can introduce to your bathroom that will keep everything organised.

Online Flatpacks - Bathroom Storage Ideas

Extra shelves and cupboards

You most likely already have those built-in, but they’ll be limited in size. Think about going to a company that specializes in DIY flatpack cabinetry. There’s so much to choose from and others have saved thousands. Why not you?

Alternatively, you can use items that wouldn’t traditionally be used as shelves or cupboards. Wine racks to store rolled up towels. Decorative boxes to hold toiletries. Trays to hold spare soaps and other small items.

Hanging storage

Attach caddies to the back of your bathroom door (or inside cupboard doors). Voila! There’s now plenty of extra space for soaps, cotton balls, lotions, candles – basically anything small that you would go rummaging for otherwise.

Sliding shelves

Fit your vanity cupboard with attachable slide-out tiered shelves or racks. You can put little boxes on those shelves to carry smaller items so they won’t get misplaced. Additionally, stick some hooks there too for hangable items so they can be easily reached, yet neatly out of the way.

A ladder

Not just any ladder. The kind that’s meant for storage, not climbing. You can hang unused towels there. Or even better, if you don’t have enough privacy to trot from bathroom to bedroom half naked, place your outfit on the ladder so you can dress up straight after a shower, before leaving the bathroom!

You’re not limited to these ideas. Be creative, have fun, make life easier for you and your family! Speak to us today Online Flatpacks for some amazing bathroom storage solutions.