A clever way to infuse a space with a fresh, trendy vibe is with blue. Blue Kitchen Inspiration shows you how to do it.

As well as being the colour of nature, representing the water and the sky, blue also signals peace and order. With blue kitchen inspiration you can bring some of these qualities into your home.

With the large range of stylish appliances available, it’s easy to use this as a starting point for your blue kitchen inspiration. Equally suited to modern or more traditional style rooms, items such as kettles, toasters and coffee machines can be found in gorgeous shades. If you are especially thorough, extend your colour theme to the utensil draw and have fun choosing spatulas, spoons and tongs in shades of blue.  It’s also an easy and practical colour for tableware.

Blue Kitchen Inspiration

For a fresh, clean look to your kitchen go no further than blue paired with white. Reminiscent of the Greek islands and balmy beach houses, blue is a versatile colour in this room. Cabinetry and splash backs are the obvious place to incorporate the look. To avoid being overwhelmed by a single colour choose different shades and combine with benchtops and paintwork in complimenting colours, such as white or grey. Because blue lies between violet and green on the colour wheel, touches of these tints can be added through décor or display.

One of the latest design trends in kitchens is curated homewares. Of course, this can include anything from worldly antiques to your Grandmother’s favourite mixing bowl. A classic piece of culinary collectible is Wedgewood china. Traditionally in hues of blue this is a stylish, genuine way to incorporate the colour into your home. You may not be able to afford an entire collection of Wedgewood but use the blue and white as your colour inspiration for other display items. This look can work in any kitchen, but looks especially at home in a country style space.

It’s easier that you think to brighten a room using Blue Kitchen Inspiration Ideas. Whether you are starting new, or renovating make blue part of your kitchen design for gorgeous results.

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Blue Kitchen Ideas