DIY Kitchen of Your Dreams

If you love the idea of making the design decisions and want to come in on budget, then a DIY Kitchen renovation is your answer.

With some careful planning, a tape measure and a little creativity a DIY Kitchen will be as functional, hardwearing and beautiful as any custom made option, for a fraction of the price.

DIY Kitchens of your dreams with Online Flatpacks

Although it’s tempting to jump right in and order your kitchen, don’t get ahead of yourself. Considered planning, research and design will make all the difference to the end result. Collect pictures of your favourite kitchens, colours and features. Create a mood board to tie the look together and this will become your guide for the aesthetic of the kitchen. Next, make careful measurements of your space and then sketch or design your DIY Kitchen to scale. Choosing the right cabinetry will be so much easier with this on hand.

While the variety of components to choose from may seem overwhelming, a kitchen is really just made up of different elements. You will need to choose base and upper cabinets including any tall cabinetry, such as a pantry. Knowing what you plan to store in the cupboards will give you an idea of the shelving height and depth that you require. Doors, applied panels and kickboards can all be ordered to suit the cabinets. This is where accurate measurements are super important and it pays to double check before finalising an order. A good online site will be able to help you navigate the options.

Installation is the final piece of the puzzle. With a little know how this can be done yourself or negotiate a cost with a tradesperson to do it for you. Have handles and hinges ready so you can put it all together in one go, then stand back to admire your handiwork.

You will uncover DIY skills you never knew you had! Impress yourself and your friends with an incredible DIY Kitchen makeover and save yourself thousands of dollars in the process.

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