DIY Wardrobes using Online Flatpacks

If you’re looking for a wardrobe to max out your room’s organisation level, customisable DIY wardrobes are the new way to get the wardrobe you want from inside your head into your house as accurately and efficiently as possible.

Our online tool has been designed to create a helpful and stress-free experience that gives you the power to design a wardrobe perfect for your room. To help you through this experience, there’s a quick guide on how to use our website right now!

Browse inspiration pages
Have a look through our range of wardrobes to see if you can find some inspiration and to give yourself an idea what we’re all about.

Enter your measurements or choose a template
Once you’ve checked your space and have your required measurements, enter them into our site to ensure that you’re getting a wardrobe that will fit your room perfectly. Additionally, if you like, you can skip this step and choose a template size and style from our carefully designed range.

DIY Wardrobes

Select your customisations
After you’re happy with your basic design and size, you can further enhance and individualise your design by customising elements like colour, handles and doors. This will ensure that your wardrobe is truly your own and will match your sense of interior design to a tee.

Choose some add-ons
After you have customised your wardrobe, you can further change things up with add-ons. We have a massive collection of add-ons which will fit neatly inside your wardrobe to truly make it the ultimate storage solution. These include shoe racks, smaller storage units, shelving, drawers, mirrors and more! You’ll always be super organised and never have to rely on a “floordrobe” again!

So go on, give it a try yourself! Before you know it you’ll be staring at the wardrobe you’ve always wanted, and, after purchasing, it’ll arrive at your door in no time in a flatpack box ready to be assembled at your leisure!