If you are lucky enough to have the space for a rumpus, get ready to try out some Rumpus Room ideas using Online Flatpacks.

Big and little kids love a space to hang out with friends. Make it a fun, funky but practical feature of your home with Rumpus Room ideas using Online Flatpacks.

Rumpus Room ideas

While your layout and design will be determined largely by the space, there are some great Rumpus Room ideas using Online Flatpacks that will really add the wow factor. The key purpose of a rumpus should be the chill aspect, but by incorporating cabinetry, shelving and storage you can make the most of the extra space while creating a beautiful, relaxed hang out.

Built in cabinetry, clean lines and neat profiles are the best way to achieve a neat, organised room. This approach is extremely practical and makes it easy to tidy. You can choose online cabinetry to suit your space and needs depending on how your rumpus will be used. For instance, low cabinets are perfectly suited for screens, computer gaming and other technology. Open bookcases lend themselves to a library or study style rumpus.

Incorporate open shelving to display books, toys, artwork or items of interest. It encourages people to interact with the space and spend their time creatively. If you are good with colour and texture, a well organised shelf can also be a great feature in a room. Once storage and cabinetry is finalised, think about the other design features. Bold, botanical prints and indoor foliage is a definite trend to consider, although comfortable seating, plush rugs and great storage is going to be what makes your rumpus amazing.

Way easier and more cost effective than you think, rumpus room ideas using online flatpacks can create a beautiful, functional space the whole family can enjoy.

Rumpus Room ideas