Entertainment Room Trends 2020 – How to get a Gold Class Result on a Concession Budget.

Whether you’re a total movie buff or just want a space for the kids, here’s some Entertainment Room Trends 2020 inspo to get you started.

An awesome media room does not have to be the sole privilege of the wealthy. By clever application of these Entertainment Room Trends 2020, you too can spill the popcorn in your very own cinema style space.

The best media rooms must include clever storage. To get that contemporary, VIP feel, go for sleek, minimalism when choosing cabinetry. Ensure sufficient space to store books, gaming consoles, tablets and remotes and then close it all off behind coordinating doors. Instead of a freestanding entertainment unit, include purpose shelving as part of your cabinetry for your screen, or mount it on the wall. For well-designed storage that is budget friendly, select DIY flatpack cabinetry from Online Flatpacks. You’ll nail the first of our Entertainment Room Trends 2020 and still have money for the fun stuff.

Entertainment Room Trends

If you’re desperate to get that movie theatre feel but can’t afford a custom-made space, splash out on a home theatre lounge. This instantly transforms your room from rumpus – to home cinema. For much the same price as a regular lounge suite, you can have arm rests, cup holders, head rests, recliners and foot pads. Pure gold class luxury in your very own home.

While the quality of sound in a home theatre can make or break the effect, there are some savings to be made. Instead of built in speakers, 2 or 3 good quality portable speakers can be synced and placed around the room to get incredible sound. This also allows the flexibility to change the level and positioning of the sound depending on how the room is being used.

Complete the look with block out curtains and plush carpet or rugs. If possible, fit a solid door to the room and ensure the walls have good insulation and sound proofing. As well feeling lovely and cosy, this is a smart, practical way to get great acoustics without disturbing the rest of the household. If these Entertainment Room Trends 2020 have convinced you to get started on your room makeover then get in touch with Online Flatpacks for the best flat pack cabinetry and storage ideas for your space.