Flat Pack Entertainment Units

When designing a new entertainment room, you’ll soon come to realise the amount of furniture you’ll require. From cases to store discs, to TV stands and shelving for gaming consoles and their accessories.

All of these pieces of furniture can quickly add up and may even exceed the cost of the actual entertainment devices themselves. That’s why, when building your entertainment room, Online Flatpacks are the way to go! 

Here are some of the reasons!

Flat Pack Entertainment Units

Easy delivery

Flatpacks are, you guessed it, flat! They’ll arrive at your house in flat cardboard boxes ready to be assembled. This means that the shipping and handling costs will be dramatically reduced, and your flatpacks will be at your door in no time at all! Buying regular entertainment units may mean you have to hire movers, which can be costly, disruptive and could result in damage to your house or furniture. 

Simple to put together

Once your flatpacks have arrived, all you need to do is assemble them. This can often be done alone, or with one other person for support. Our engineers have designed our flatpack units to be put together quickly and easily. You can do this in your own space at your own leisure, so, perhaps, put some music on, make a nice drink and have fun assembling your new entertainment units!


Before you order your flatpacks, we give you the chance to customise a number of aspects, including size, colour and style. This gives you the power to make each flatpack unique to you! You’ll be able to craft an entertainment room in your own image and ensure that each unit matches its corresponding entertainment device perfectly!

Flat Pack Entertainment Units

You can use flatpacks to hold and display TVs, game consoles, media devices and much more! We offer freestanding and wall mounted units, plus a fantastic range of other cases and shelving solutions to help you complete the media room you’ve always wanted!

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