The extensive range of Flatpack Wardrobe Inserts at Online Flatpacks is here to save your sanity!

One of the best aspects of a flatpack wardrobe is their never-ending potential to be continuously updated and improved on. Through the power of inserts, your flatpack wardrobe inserts can be altered to fit you and your ever-changing needs. 

If you need more space, instead of buying a new wardrobe or renovating your house, try some of these flatpack wardrobe inserts! You’ll be surprised at the extent to which they completely change your wardrobe game!

Flatpack Wardrobe Inserts

If you feel like your wardrobe could do with a little more organisation, getting a small set of drawers to either install or simply place inside your wardrobe will solve your problems! Perfect to keep jewellery, ties, documents, photo albums and more. A great place to put those things that seemingly don’t belong anywhere else. These drawers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so we can assure you that it will fit your wardrobe!

Corner Shelves

Corner shelves are a highly aesthetically pleasing way to utilise your wardrobe to its max potential. They work to provide an incredible display of your precious things, or as simply a neat and unique storage method for clothes, shoes and more. Each time you open your wardrobe, instead of seeing simple drawers and hangers, you’ll be treated to a fantastic and invigorating exhibition. 

Full Hang Clothes Rack

A full hang clothes rack is a better way to organise and display your clothes than installing a metal bar in your wardrobe. Why? Because it’s flexible! You can move it and change it in anyway you like! And, if you ever move house, you can take it with you! Many are also fitted with extra drawers and storage space, so it’s really an all-in-one package!

Double Hang Clothes Rack

A double hang clothes rack will revolutionise your wardrobe by allowing you to split your clothes in two. While it is ideal for couples, it could also split work and casual clothes, shirts and pants, cold and warm clothes, or any other way you see fit! 


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