Floor to Ceiling Storage with Online Flatpacks

If you’re looking for floor to ceiling storage with online flatpacks, you’ve come to the right place!

Does your home or office have items on the floor? Are you cramming stuff into already overflowing cupboards? How about using the same cupboards for completely different things?  The trick is to use floor to ceiling storage with online flatpacks!

This will free up clutter and allow the room to be organised at its maximum potential.  A clean, organised space is a peaceful, happy and productive one, and you can easily and affordably create an idyllic work or living space through online flatpacks.

Here are some areas around the home where floor to ceiling storage with online flatpacks can be used effectively!


An Australian garage is often filled with a lot of stuff. It’s a great place to put something that doesn’t quite belong anywhere, which is why a garage is one of the messiest and most disorganised rooms in an average home. With online flatpacks, you can purchase completely customisable storage cupboards to allocate separate spaces for different kinds of objects, such as car equipment, batteries, spare light-globes, etc. This will make your garage look tidy and give you elbow-room for when you actually need to use it, as well as maybe even allow you to park another vehicle in it!

Floor to Ceiling Storage with Online Flatpacks Garage
Home Office

If you run your business from home, you are probably aware of the importance of organisation. Misplacing documents, files and equipment will make your already busy life all the more difficult. With online flatpacks, you can customise and order flatpack boxes of all sorts of shapes and sizes, making it easier to store things and thus allowing for an open and clear office. For example, a box with two separate draws can be ordered to separate paid and unpaid bills. With an office this coordinated, your business is bound to succeed and grow!

Floor to Ceiling Storage with Online Flatpacks Home Office

The laundry is another typical ‘out of sight, out of mind’ place in an average household. However, you can create a laundry as stunning and organised as the rest of your house through the power of online flatpacks. This can be done by purchasing floor to ceiling storage with online flatpacks to store all of your laundry stuff. A separate draw for ironing, cleaning chemicals, shoe polish – you get the idea! This will make your floors and benches clear and clutter-free. Another idea is a flatpack customised to fit your dryer to mount it above your washing machine. Getting your dryer off the ground will free up floor space and make the overall washing process more effective.

Floor to Ceiling Storage with Online Flatpacks Laundry
Tool Shed

A good tool shed needs a smart storage system. For example, putting nails and drawing outlines on the walls is a great way to display tools and allows for easy access. However, there are also many items in a shed that should be stored away, and for this, online flatpacks are the way to go! Such items include your leaf blower, chainsaw, petrol and gardening products. Getting these bulky and lesser-used items out of the way will make your shed a more open and effective workspace. You can design your floor to ceiling tool shed storage solution online to ensure that all the flatpacks match the layout of the shed. You’ll find those DIY projects going more smoothly than ever before!

Floor to Ceiling Storage with Online Flatpacks Tool Shed

For your next home renovation or DIY organisation project, check out the range of products and simplicity with Online Flatpacks. Contact us to find out more.