A straight kitchen is as it sounds, a kitchen which runs in straight line. It’s a simple, smart and uber trendy design solution that packs a punch visually.


There are several advantages to this type of design layout, as opposed to L shape, U shape, and other types of kitchen layouts, so let’s have a look at why a straight kitchen may be the perfect fit for you.

Online Flatpacks - Four Awesome Benefits Of A Straight Kitchen

1. Small space:
When it comes to kitchens, the straight kitchen is an obvious choice for smaller homes and apartments. By reducing the overall size of the kitchen footprint, there’ll be added room for dining and living room areas. If, more often than not, you’re eating out or taking away, a one wall, straight-line kitchen can create a beautiful, seamless flow in your home, leaving more ‘together’ space.

2. Functionality:
A smaller space does mean fewer people in the kitchen at once. If you’re a master chef, this makes functionality particularly important. Make sure the sink sits between the fridge at one end and the cooktop at the other, and that other design elements utilise space effectively. Remember there’s a bunch of space above the cooktop for additional cabinetry. If this isn’t an option, deep pull out draws can provide extra storage space, and a mobile trolley can supplement both storage and work space. Either way, a straight kitchen is a sleek and elegant solution to utilising smaller kitchen spaces.

3. Wallet friendly:
Having decided on your aesthetic, and design layout, when it comes to actually ordering your straight kitchen, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the total cost. A single bench top and less in the way of cabinetry, means huge savings on both manufacturing and installation costs. OK, so some may you may want to employ a tradesman to help out with the installation. But it doesn’t really matter – you’ll already have saved thousands of by purchasing one of our flatpack straight line kitchens. And most importantly, you won’t have sacrificed on quality!

4. Aesthetically Pleasing:
Straight kitchens are not only an elegant design solution for smaller spaces, they are a natural fit in modern spaces like, lofts and warehouses. Because straight kitchens are neat and compact, you can add a splash of colour that won’t overwhelm the rest of the space.

To create a kitchen perfectly suited to your space and needs, contact Online Flatpacks today!