Galley Kitchen Ideas For All Spaces

Galley kitchens are a practical and stylish design that has many wonderful benefits. Consisting of two parallel runs of units, there are many great galley kitchen ideas available to suit different spaces and needs of the home owner.

Whether you are looking for contemporary or classic galley kitchen idea, there is a style for everyone allowing you to add your own unique touch with a functional design.
Online Flatpacks - Galley Kitchen Ideas
Online Flatpacks - Galley Kitchens

Whatever kitchen galley ideas you are searching for, many designs provide optimum storage. With ample cabinets that can maximise space, galley kitchens provide great counter space making the overall style and work space functional. This style of kitchen makes everything easily accessible which is an important aspect as this area is an integral part of the home.  


With so many galley kitchen ideas, you can choose to have cabinets all on one wall with a parallel island creating an open space, or a galley that is built against an existing long narrow space.


Along with choosing the perfect kitchen galley idea, accessories used within the space need to be considered. From tiered pantries to pull out baskets, there are many styles and sizes to suit each individual style and needs. Accessories for food, crockery, pots, pans, cutlery, under the sink and spices should be considered when finding the perfect galley style for your space.


Design choices are endless and once all aspects are considered, it is time to bring your galley kitchen idea to life. Getting your cabinetry made from a cabinet maker can be quite pricy, but luckily there is a cost effective way to get the dream galley kitchen you want.


DIY flatpack cabinetry is a great alternative which allows you to be in charge of the design, layout and accessories you use within your space, making it unique and functional for your personal needs. Supplied in boxes, DIY flatpacks are easy to install which still provides a professional finish saving you thousands.


Online Flatpacks provides a great range of flatpacks that are cost effective and does not compromise quality. With various options and accessories readily available using our online tool, creating your galley style kitchen will be a breeze thanks to Online Flatpacks.