Get Your Garage on Point! Garage Storage Ideas


A garage is the ultimate storage room for any home. From tools and car parts to books, records and basically anything else, a garage makes for the perfect place to put things that just don’t quite belong. However, this can be a dangerous recipe for mess and clutter, and consequently, a lot of garages end up as unorganised and ineffective storage spaces.


The best way to get your garage organised is to get more storage facilities. With our flatpack range specifically designed for garages, you can get on top of your garage’s space and completely transform it.
Online Flatpacks - Garage Storage Ideas

Get inspired with these Garage Storage Ideas from Online Flatpacks!

Tool Shelves

Do you waste time looking for the tool you need only to find you’ve put it in a completely random area? This is probably because you lack a designated tool shelve. When you purchase one of our DIY Flatpack shelves, it can be easily and quickly changed to meet your tool storage needs, no matter the size of your collection! Simply ensure that all draws are labeled and each shelf is designated to a certain type of tool. Power tools, expensive tools or specialty tools should be placed securely into these draws. Then, with the cheaper and more regularly-used tools that can be hung, choose a wall or a blank space on the shelf and stencil each tool. Then hammer in a nail and hang each one accordingly.


Appliance Shelves

Appliances that are rarely used, such as those for parties or special events, are best stored in your garage. This prevents your kitchen from becoming too cluttered and frees up space for your regular appliances. We have flatpack sets available that are the perfect size for any appliance. They are also easily altered to fit your personal collection. You can connect these shelves to your walls, ensuring that they are above the ground and out of the way.


Garden Tool Shelves

Similarly to tool shelves, garden tools are often a regular part of any garage, especially for those who lack a designated tool shed. A truly organised garage, however, should have a separate section especially for garden tools. This prevents the different tools from becoming mixed-up and thus creates a clear divide between garden and other work. The separation of different sections further allows for a disentangled and clean space that will increase your productivity. 


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