They might be tucked away behind closed doors, but they still need attention – good linen cupboard flatpack storage solutions can make your life so much easier!

Week after week, we clean, fold and put away our towels and bed linen.  Sometimes it feels like there is more linen than space, especially when the Aussie linen press is home to more than just habidashery.  Space is an illusion though, and with some effective linen cupboard flatpack storage solutions, you can take back control of this often-forgotten zone.

So, what kinds of linen cupboard flatpack storage solutions are out there?  You can draw a lot of inspiration from the internet – for some people this is a real passion, and they have some fantastic ideas. 

With Online Flatpacks, we make organising your linen cupboard a whole lot easier!  The trickiest part is figuring out what you want it to look like in the first place, and we can help you with the rest.

To help with the decision-making process, here are some of our favourite examples of linen cupboard storage solutions.

Roomy and Modern

Linen Cupboard Flatpack Storage Solutions

Image Source: Porter Davis Homes

These are the linen cupboard spaces that we all dream of.  Just because they are big, however, doesn’t mean they can’t get messy.  Linen cupboards of all shapes and sized need to be organised – sometimes the bigger the space, the more potential for chaos!

Small but Mighty

Linen Cupboard Flatpack Storage

Image Source: Michel Arnaud

Having a small linen cupboard can be challenging, but with some clever storage design you can get the most out of the space and really get some great mileage!  Think small and large shelves, drawers and hanging space – there are so many options once you get inspired.

Handy Hints for Linen Cupboard Storage Solutions

Not all items are the same.  Look in any linen press and you’ll find linen, gift supplies, cleaning products, appliances, kids memory boxes and other stored items.  

So, when designing your linen cupboard online flatpack solution, you should incorporate both smaller and larger storage areas.  This gives you versatility and more usable space.


If you would like help designing your own linen cupboard storage solutions, or are ready to make your ideas come to life, contact Online Flatpacks today.  We can help you get organised!

Linen Cupboard Flatpack Storage

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