Media Room Ideas Using Online Flatpacks

Media Room Ideas Using Online Flatpacks

One of the most fun and impressive renovations to a house is a media room. A media room will add excitement, prestige and energy to your home and completely change the way you enjoy movies, games, sports and more. It’s a great way to entertain guests and a unique and unforgettable flair in your everyday life.

Creating a media room may sound daunting. However, with online flatpacks it can be remarkably easy!


Here are some necessary items for the ideal media room and how online flatpacks can help!

Media Room Ideas Using Online Flatpacks.

Media Equipment

For the perfect media room, a lot of equipment is needed! The exact amount will depend on the scope of your project, however, at the very least you will need a projector, screen, wiring, a sound system and perhaps some lighting to heighten the mood. Installing a stable internet connection will also allow streaming, making it much easier to enjoy your media! All of this equipment needs to be purchased carefully after much research and consideration. 


Cupboards are an important part of any well-designed media room. They will allow organisation and can act as a display for gadgets and collections. However, as every room is different, getting pre-made cupboards will risk ruining your room’s aesthetic. This is where online flatpacks can come in handy, as they are fully customisable. This will ensure they fit perfectly with your media room’s size and colour scheme. 

Media Room Ideas Using Online Flatpacks.


No media room is complete without adequate seating – and you’ll definitely want to have enough for the family and more! Flat packs will again be your saviour, as a large range of comfy, cinema-like chairs and sofas are available online! If your image of a flatpack chair is of the simple outdoor decking variety, then the amazing collection of excellent designer-level chairs in flatpack form will blow your mind!

Media Room Ideas Using Online Flatpacks.


All good movie sessions involve food and drinks, so tables are a must! Luckily, there are also plenty of flatpack tables just a few clicks away! From small tables made for each individual person to large tables for a group, you can get anything you desire!


So there you have it, a quick guide to getting your media room off the ground! Have a browse of our customisable online flatpack range to help get your dream rolling today!