Marie Kondo really has taken the world by a storm… her tips to tidy up your life will certainly leave a lasting impact, whether you plan too or not. With millions of followers world wide, Marie knows just how to get any messy situation in order – and what better way than starting with your storage?

Your storage is the number one success factor in being able to keep a room, or home, tidy. You need nooks and crannys to place your things, in sight, out of sight and anywhere that they might fit. But the predicament many of us face is, built in room storage is such a pricey investment! You may be correct, but here you’ll find tricks of the trade to clean up any room that requires some much needed TLC – in a cost effective and budget wise way.

Now, let’s start exploring our favourite Marie Kondo tips and how online flatpacks can help!

Flat pack storage options are golden. They’re cost effective, easy to install, look great and manage all of your storage needs – offering the perfect solution to all of your cleaning goals for the year ahead.

Another perk of flat pack storage? You can order everything online, and have it delivered straight to your door. Sounds too good to be true, right? No – it’s really your lucky day.

So now that we know the purchase and delivery process is so seamless, there really is nothing standing in your way to say a big YES to how our favourite Marie Kondo tips on how online flatpacks can help.

To make use of your new found storage, follow these three easy guidelines to maximise how much can truly fit into this space!

Our Favourite Marie  Kondo Tips and How Online Flatpacks Can Help
  • Store everything in specific categories; you’ll truly never lose anything again! Itemise your things, and pop your shirts, pants, dresses, shorts all in their own areas – the key is to not get into bad habits again and let everything blend into one!
  • Roll up your undies and socks; you heard that right! What’s worse than running out of the house in the morning for work and only being able to find a mismatched pair of socks? Put an end to the endless exploring and make sure everything in your draws are rolled up and easily viewed. As an added bonus tip, avoid the sock catastrophe all together by making sure you pair up your socks to begin with.We promise, it will work wonders for your morning routine.
  • Start with your existing wardrobe stace and work back from there; we’re all guilt of it, stashing away an archive of clothes or household items that we will never wear again. We’re sentimental creatures, it’s only normal. But when we look to enhance our storage space, it’s time to say bye-bye to the endless item that truly have no meaning or use to us anymore. It’s time to get harsh and start the cull of old goods that no longer bring you joy!


So there you have it, our favourite Marie  Kondo Tips and how online flatpacks can help you with all of your storage needs!