Online Flatpacks has got your flatpack kitchen needs covered – from the classics black and/or white, to even our red kitchen inspiration.

At Online Flatpacks, we stock the finest quality Australian flatpack cabinetry. DIY flatpacks can save you thousands, whilst still attaining the sleek and professional kitchen of your dreams.

With our red kitchen inspiration, we can help you choose your dream kitchen in all its vibrant glory custom designed to suit your home.

To incorporate red into your new kitchen design have a look at not only the cabinetry but also bench tops and splash backs to help feature your favourite hue of rouge!

Even kickboards and contrasting drawer facias can create the look you want with out having a singular toned kitchen.

When choosing a vibrant kitchen it is important to ensure you choose flooring, wall paint and fittings that will not compete for attention….neutral shades are always a safe choice.

Here we have a few examples of beautiful red kitchen cabinetry and how you can incorporate this stunning colour into the heart of your home.

A red kitchen is visually unique and will definitely add a pop of colour to your home.

The versatile colour has the ability to present itself as both retro or minimalistic. The use of red shades in the kitchen will also work in your favour when entertaining – red is a stimulating colour often associated with food, such as tomatoes, red wine and delicious pasta sauces…a good looking kitchen equals good food, right!

Veering away from the usual white and black can really show your confident and funky side – show your guests how daring you can be with your wonderfully loud kitchen aesthetics.

As well as being a super fun, trendy colour, the right shade of red can be extremely warm and welcoming. Don’t forget red comes in so many different depths and hues that there is sure to be a shade to suit your tastes – from bright tomato reds to deep wine shades to rustic earthy reds.

There’s so much red kitchen inspiration to discover here at Online Flat Packs – check out how easy it is to design your dream kitchen here.