Front desks, display cabinets, storage facilities and more, you can get everything you need for your ideal retail space with retail cabinet flatpacks.

Rather than paying thousands of dollars to hire labour, which often means your retail space will be noisy and disrupted for days, you and your staff can work together to assemble simple retail cabinet flatpacks straight out of the box.

With easy-to-understand instructions and made from impeccably designed high-quality material, you’ll have no trouble assembling each unit at your own pace, meaning you can get other work done and use your retail space as you like – with retail cabinet flatpacks you get exactly what you want.

Hiring a cabinet-maker to create your retail shop layout may sound good in theory – you can just sit back and let others do all the work! However, the reality is that this service costs a lot of money and is not always reliable. Often, you’ll have to fork out lots of extra dollars for this service, and the people you hire won’t always be able to replicate your vision of the shop layout. Many cabinetry companies likewise provide a limited catalogue, meaning you can’t be picky with what you want. These can be costly disappointments.

By creating your retail shop layout with Online Flatpacks you’ll be able to purchase each piece of cabinetry individually from a huge online range. On the internet, you can afford to be picky!

Retail Cabinet Flatpacks

Before making the purchase of your flatpacks, we recommend making a detailed plan of your perfect retail shop layout. Get an idea of the material, colour, size and style that you would like each piece of cabinetry to be, and ensure they fit within your general colour scheme and shop layout. Measure your shop space and be cautious and accurate with the sizes of the cabinetry, so as to not accidentally order them too large or too small.

Furthermore, take care not to overcrowd your retail shop space too much – it’s best to initially buy less than more. A retail space, unlike an office space, needs room for customers to walk around in, as well as a certain relaxing ambience necessary to put customers at ease. Overcrowding your space with cabinets can create an overwhelming and claustrophobic feeling that will put customers off.

After making this plan, select what cabinets you like and when you’d like them to be delivered and your cabinets will be sent as flatpacks to your chosen address. From there it is as simple as assembling and installing them. Gather a group of helpful friends and make a great team-building exercise – especially if your business and staff are new!

Creating your retail shop layout with Online Flatpacks is easy! It will save you money, give you all the power and control over your space as well as provide a greater range of cabinet styles and options for you to create your ideal retail shop layout.

Contact the Online Flatpacks team for more information, or to order your retail cabinet flatpacks today.