Stunning Laundry Trends For 2020

Laundries are often dismissed and they shouldn’t be considering how much they are a part of our daily lives. Let’s talk laundry trends 2020.

A proper functioning laundry should have a washing machine, sink and built in cabinets. It should be a place to wash and dry your clothes, as well as store cleaning products, and even be a place you can groom your pets. Let’s talk laundry trends 2020.

Extra storage space

Most laundries only come with a small cupboard built in. There’s never enough room to store your laundry-related items and products, let alone anything else. A great way to add more storage is by utilizing DIY flatpacks. You can save thousands with flatpack cabinetry by this reputable Australian company. They come with instructions and are easy to assemble. Extra shelves above and to the side of your washing machine are a necessity these days, and flatpacks will ensure you have them.

Nifty tricks

Many modern laundries now have a custom-built cupboard for an ironing board. One that folds out when you need it will really do wonders. Retractable clothes lines are all the rage too, and are great for hanging delicates. Meanwhile a wall-mounted line is ideal for hanging just-ironed clothes.

Lots of colour!

Colour is in! Make your chores more pleasant by covering the walls in bright coloured paint or cheerfully designed wallpaper. You can also add murals or wall decals to add more depth to this usually bland room.

The washer and dryer have evolved

There is a new generation of washers and dryers. They’re aesthetically pleasing with designer finishes. Expect to treat them with as much importance as any other household appliance that has improved with the times. They’re now available in bright or metallic colours.  Technology has improved too with tub capacity for larger loads, motion sensors and a wider range of wash options. Basically, pro-style and pro-performance are in.

A ‘mudroom’ laundry?

This trend has taken off. A room between the outdoor area and interior of your home. It has your washer and dryer and other laundry essentials, and doubles as a room for storing coats, schoolbags, shoes and umbrellas, and everything else you might need for the outdoors. Convenient and clever!

Now that you’ve got a clearer idea of the current trends, it’s time to really plan your new laundry. For extra help, get in touch with Online Flatpacks today!

Laundry Trends 2020