Stylish Wardrobe Storage Ideas Even A Modest Budget Can Afford

Smart design is often born of creative thinking applied simply. The best Wardrobe Storage Ideas are no exception and can add value to your home.

One of the hottest features of home design is also one of the most functional. Here’s five fabulous Wardrobe Storage Ideas that you can incorporate into your space.

Stylish Wardrobe Storage

Show Off Your Shoes

Who would have thought there was a whole new way to store shoes, and one that’s super space saving. Wall mounted shoe rails are pure genius and one of our favourite Wardrobe Storage Ideas. Horizontally mounted picture rails or custom moulding lets you store your shoes flat against the wall. This works best if you have a heel fetish, but even low or block heels can be hung on the rail, while the sole of the shoe sits against the wall to support itself.

Hide your dirty clothes

While a well-designed wardrobe can really look fabulous, we did mention it’s primarily a functional space. By building in a laundry hamper or at least creating a cupboard space to store the basket, you can store dirty clothing discreetly and hygienically in the one place until washing day.

Rack Em Up

Slide out racks are a convenient way to create custom hanging space. Ties, scarves and belts can be neatly slipped over racks and slid into place to ensure a streamlined look. The same can be done for pants; although a pants rack is often custom made for a better finish and if you have your heart set on this be prepared for a little extra cost.

Long Hanging Space

There’s few things more frustrating than your favourite coat or dress brushing against the bottom of a dusty cupboard. As well as hanging space for shirts, ensure you have included long hanging space for clothes you have now in your cupboard, or ones you might buy in the future.

Sectioned Off

Increase the order of drawers by including some with space sections. This makes perfect storage for lingerie, socks or other small items, making you look like an organisational pro. If drawers are a little out of your budget, you can follow the same principle with shelves either by incorporating built in sections or investing in small boxes or baskets.

It’s so exciting to plan a beautiful space in your home that you will get to enjoy every single day. With clever Wardrobe Storage Ideas, you will be patting yourself on the back every time you change your pants. Talk to Online Flatpacks about your dream wardrobe that you can build yourself.