The Best Modern Dressing Room Ideas using Online Flatpacks

If you’re looking to create a wardrobe space with maximum impact and appeal, then modern dressing room ideas using Online Flatpacks is your answer.

With modern dressing room ideas using online flatpacks designing a beautiful, yet practical addition to your boudoir becomes a stunning way to improve your lifestyle while adding value to your home.

While the design and colour options are endless, a functional and organised space is going to be key to making this space perfect. Modern dressing room ideas using online flatpacks can be used in new builds, renovations or retro fitted to existing rooms. If you are about to embark on a dressing room makeover, here are some tips to get the most from your design.

Firstly, choose your space. Even if a dressing room isn’t in the original design of the home, consider converting a sleep out, section off a large bedroom or build an extension. Know the dimensions – of your space, the cabinetry and what goes into it. This means measuring the height of your favourite boots to ensure your storage is custom perfect. If space permits make sure you include some form of seating. The most striking way to achieve this is by making a plush ottoman the centerpiece of the room.

Consider what items will be stored in your wardrobe. For some, the pieces are so well coordinated and presented that open shelving, display cubicles and door-less hanging space will create a stunning overall effect. For the rest of us, it might make sense to create a sleek, seamless dressing room with closed cabinetry and drawers. Both options can be just as elegant and practical.

To maximise storage consider floor to ceiling units. This makes the most of a small space and is neater than stacking items on top of cupboards. Narrow nooks and cramped corners can be utilised for stashing ties, belts and scarves. Shallow shelves and cupboards will be more suited to storing shoes and jewellery than clothing.

Lastly, put full thought into lighting. Great lighting will have a huge impact on the space and can include cabinet lighting, spotlights, floor lights or even a chandelier centerpiece. Thoughtful planning also avoids ending up with dark corners – a dressing room faux pas.

Once you have the design and layout perfect you can then focus on adding a personal touch with décor. The benefit of modern dressing room ideas using online flatpacks is that you get the base design spot-on giving you free reign to decorate the pants off your dream dressing room.

To organize your new dressing room, get in touch with Online Flatpacks today.

Modern Dressing Room Ideas using Online Flatpacks