Building or Renovating? Think Laminex and Polytech Surfaces from Online Flatpacks

If you’re building or renovating, Laminex and Polytech surfaces will be just what you need for your kitchen or bathroom.

Whether you’re after bench tops, doors or handles, you’ll be sure to find what you need amongst Laminex and Polytech surfaces. Your vision will come to life and your dream kitchen and bathroom will be a reality.

Online Flatpacks - Laminex and Polytech Surfaces

Everything you need!

While we specialise in DIY flatpack cabinetry that helps people across Australia save thousands, we also have Laminex and Polytech surfaces in stock. Most products are available in your measurements so you’ll have exactly what you need. Kitchens and bathrooms require materials that are practical, robust and aesthetically pleasing.

There is an abundance of choices, so let’s take a look.



Laminex began as a company specialising in decorative laminates. Decades have passed and their range is more comprehensive that you could imagine! High or low pressure laminates, compact laminate, engineered stone, acrylic surfaces, timber paneling and so much more.



Polytech has a myriad of solutions to complete your dream kitchen or bathroom. They cover all sectors – bench tops and laminate, thermo-laminated doors and panels, melamine doors and panels, and aluminum framed doors.

Polytech’s Matera and Wood matte ranges attempt to encapsulate the feel of natural materials. Meanwhile the laminate range is affordable yet stylish.


Doors and panels

Cupboard doors and panels come in wide selection of product materials, finishes and styles. The Melamine range offers a palette of neutral tones and decorative surface tactiles like Ashgrain, Finegrain and Sheen. Thermo-laminated doors are your answer when you need resistance to impact, a choice of style and longevity. Their Evolution range is a complementary application to add warmth, character and texture.

You can have your dream kitchen and bathroom with the addition of Laminex and Polytech surfaces. Whatever you want or need, rest assured you’ll find it. Check out some kitchen, bathroom and laundry inspiration in our blog today.