Types of Kitchen Doors, Cupboards and Drawers

When renovating your kitchen, there are a number of types of kitchen doors, cupboards and drawers available for consideration. Here is a brief guide from the team at Online Flatpacks to help you know the basic differences so you can choose the one most appropriate for your needs!

Free Swing: A door that opens both ways and often can’t be steadily closed or locked. Great for busy kitchens but not ideal for tight spaces. 

Pull Out Base: A handy drawer perfect for storing all kinds of kitchen bits and bobs. Can be installed into your existing kitchen unit or be free-standing. Once you pull the draw out you’ll have instant and equal access to everything inside it, saving the need for rummaging around inside cupboards to find what you’re after. 

Top Hang: These drawers hang above the cooking and bench area, allowing for more storage and an effective use of space. Here it is recommended to store lesser-used items, as these drawers can sometimes be difficult to access. The hinges on the doors can be installed to either open upwards or outwards. 

Types of Kitchen Doors, Cupboards and Drawers

L Shape: Used on the cupboards on the corners of the kitchen range. As the name suggests, they form an L-shape and are made up of two doors connected together. These doors open up to a bigger space than the other cupboards, and are therefore best used to store bulkier utensils such as pots and pans. 

Broom Closets: Broom closets are larger than regular kitchen cupboards, usually large enough to stand in, and thus, their doors are larger too. They are great for storing long cleaning gear such as vacuum cleaners, mops and, of course, brooms!

Appliance Cabinets: As appliances make up some of the bulkiest items found in a kitchen, installing a larger designated appliance cabinet is recommended to help keep everything in one space and stored neatly. Double the size of one of your regular kitchen cabinets would be ideal!

Online Flatpacks has a easy to use, build it your self DIY service that you can tailor make and select the types of kitchen doors, cupboards and drawers to suit your household’s needs.

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