Types of Kitchen Pantries You Could Be Midnight Snacking From

It’s surprising how much you can tell about a person by the Types of Kitchen Pantries found in their home.

From organised to odd, colour coded and labeled it’s a captivating trend. Celebrities and home experts are loving the chance to showcase the Types of Kitchen Pantries you can aspire to.

Types of Kitchen Pantries

We’re currently seeing a huge trend for rustic, country style pantries. It could be the love people are showing for wholesome, healthy and locally grown foods. Think open shelving with mason jars full of wholegrains, nuts and last summer’s preserved harvest. Sounds provincial, doesn’t it? Well it looks great too. When you have display Types of Kitchen Pantries the emphasis is on order. Well organised rows and uniform or matching storage containers are essential.


Look, be honest with yourself. If you are just not that tidy, go instead for cupboards or drawers that are super easy to stack, and hide the chaos. These work best for a larger style pantry, or one located in the main area of the kitchen so needs to be vermin or small child proof. Make sure you allow enough depth in drawers to fit what they will need to contain and consider dividers or racks to suit.

If you are lucky enough to have the space for a walk-in pantry, work on making it a wow factor in your home. Butlers pantries are hugely popular and can easily be incorporated into a space using flat pack cabinetry. By using cupboards below and shelving above, you can create some extra bench space for storing larger items like the toaster or coffee machine. Include some well thought out lighting so finding the smoked paprika will never be a challenge again.

Food storage used to be a part of the kitchen that was just practical, not perfect. Now, it’s a feature and therefore people are putting a whole lot more thought into the design. Colour choices are tending towards whites, greys, blacks and natural timber. Creativity with the layout and the addition of wine or spice racks, hanging shelving and chalk board shopping lists are all ways to personalise the space.

Types of Kitchen Pantries

Whatever the design and size of your pantry the winning features will always be good storage and great organisation. Even the simplest and most modest Types of Kitchen Pantries can add value to a home when it allows you to store items in a cohesive, accessible and aesthetic manner. Check out our Online Flatpacks easy to use online builder to see how it could transform your pantry.