Types of Laminate That Will Bring Your Home To Life

Laminate is one of the most versatile materials that can be used within the home, and continues to be a popular choice when choosing surfaces for bathrooms and kitchens. Gaining popularity with home owners, the market has been flooded with many types of laminate, which has continued to evolve throughout the decades and recreate itself.

From flooring, bench tops and cabinetry, the uses of laminate are endless helping you create a space that is aesthetically beautiful and functional.

With laminate continuously evolving, this choice of material doesn’t have to be boring. With emerging styles and trends available, home renovators and builders can explore various styles and choose an option that will suit your personal taste. Whether you are going for a costal, Scandinavian, modern, vintage, industrial or Hamptons look, the advanced technology of laminate has allowed home owners to achieve any of these looks.

Types of Laminate
Types of Laminate

Known to be an extremely durable material, laminate has many great properties from scratch and stain resistant to hypo-allergenic. With anti-fingerprint properties, laminate is easy to maintain, making it a great choice when it comes to bench tops, panelling and cabinetry. 

With the kitchen and laundry being two of the most used rooms of the home, having cabinetry that is durable, easy to maintain and stylish is a must. From cupboards, panels and bench tops, there are many types of laminate that can be used within these areas of the home.

Laminate flooring is also gaining a great deal of attention and popularity thanks to the variety of options it offers, along with its affordability. Without breaking the budget, laminate flooring can help you achieve a realistic look of tiles and floorboards throughout the home.

Thanks to the wonderful array of options from bold colours, faux wood and stone look designs, you can make an impact with laminate. This affordable option is a great choice when you are looking to create an on trend space that is low maintenance and won’t break the budget.

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Types of Laminate