U Shaped Kitchen Ideas from Online Flatpacks

The kitchen is the heart of the home, so invest in making it the best it can be. Let’s talk U shaped kitchen ideas!

There are six basic kitchen layouts. You won’t normally get a choice, as the layouts will depend on the space and framework of your home. But if you’re renovating and looking into creating a new layout, it’s a good time to consider U shaped kitchen ideas from Online Flatpacks.

Online Flatpacks - U Shapes Kitchen Ideas

What is a U shaped kitchen?

Before we discuss U shaped kitchen ideas, you should be aware the layout is also known as C shaped or horseshoe. The kitchen is constructed in such a way that there are three connected walls of cabinets, and an open end to enter and exit.

Who can benefit from a U shaped kitchen?

This layout is best suited for larger homes. Prepping and cooking for large numbers or with others, needs a big space. This design enables several people to use the kitchen at the same time, without getting into each other’s way.

How do you acquire more storage space?

Sure, your kitchen has a lot of built in space. But you can never have too much space! It’s easy to add more storage space to your kitchen. Shelves, inserts, wine racks, trolleys are all great options for adding more storage. Consider DIY flatpack cabinetry. We have countless options for you to choose from!

Save money with flatpacks

People all over the world have saved thousands by using DIY flatpacks. You won’t need to hire anyone to install them, as they come with detailed instructions. All you need is some basic tools. Not only will you save money, you’ll have the added benefit of saving time too. With Online Flatpacks easy to order system, you design your new kitchen and then assemble them at your own pace without having to wait for tradesmen to come to you when the time suits them (which usually means you have a long wait!).

You’ll have a smoother workflow

In a U shaped kitchen, especially with all the extra space you created with flatpacks, three sided working benchtops will divide the kitchen into multiple work sites. Therefore, disruptions to each zone are minimised and the distance between the sink, fridge and stove will be reduced.

A U shaped kitchen has so many benefits. It creates a better workflow as is. If you add extra cabinets and shelving with our Online Flatpack solutions, you’ll have even more ease in your everyday life! Have any questions or would like to find out more? Contact Online Flatpacks today!

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